The top 6 questions buyers ask sellers

NEW YORK – June 15, 2016 – Homebuyers want to know specifics about homes that pique their interest, so they ask questions. However, a number of those questions are the same from buyer to buyer.

Sellers who provide the answers before a question is asked not only save time, they also appear honest and helpful in a potential buyer’s eyes.

Questions almost every buyer asks

How old is the home? When was it last renovated?
How old is the roof?
What structures or fixtures are included in the list price? (For example, is the seller OK with the appliances, ceiling fans, swing set, window treatments and shed being included in the sale?)
What are the home’s annual costs for upkeep? Provide estimates for electric, water, gas, trash, pool maintenance, lawn care, homeowners’ association and any other regular fees associated with the home.
How is the home heated or cooled? How old are the units?
Are there any outstanding permits or liens on the property?
Source: “Sellers: What Every Buyer Wants to Know About Your Home,” RISMedia (June 8, 2016)

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