Then and now: Living arrangements in American households

WASHINGTON – Aug. 31, 2015 – The U.S. Census Bureau recently took a hard look at the living arrangements of adults over the past 40-plus years. Its research found that a majority of adults in both 1970 and 2014 shared a household with a spouse.

However, trending data shows that the gap between married adults and unmarried adults sharing households is closing. As of a year ago, spouses sharing a household edged out unmarried adults by just 3.3 percent.

Furthermore, living arrangements in which spouses share households have registered the most significant change in the past 44 years, decreasing almost 20 percent.

A recent Coldwell Banker study showed that 17 percent of non-married respondents bought a home together prior to getting married. Of that, 25 percent belonged to the Generation Y demographic.

Dr. Robi Ludwig, a lifestyle correspondent for Coldwell Banker Real Estate, comments, “What we’re seeing is young couples switching up the order and purchasing their first home regardless of whether or not they have set a wedding date. This is a huge movement within the American culture.”

Source: RISMedia (07/28/15) De Vita, Suzanne

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